AM Virtual Services LLC

Are you a business owner tiered of doing everything yourself, looking to build a team to support your business for growth and up-leveling? Through delegation, strategy sessions and more.


Starseed Babes

Are you looking to expand your mindset and strengthen your self-awareness. Do you want to lead by example for those around you? We welcome you to join our movement of Starseed Babes!


doTERRA Essential Oils

Have you always wondered about oils but never knew where to start? Are you wanting to learn how to use your oils for yourself or your family? I share how we use our oils as a family as well as individually.


Ann Miszczak

Thriving Trauma Survivor. Entrepreneur.
Advocate. Starseed Mama. Podcast Creator.

My Mission is to help empower others to achieve their dreams and follow their passions through aligned action.

Founder of AM Virtual Services LLC
I am a doTERRA Essential Oils Advocate.
I created the Starseed Babe’s Movement, with a Facebook group and Podcast launching Winter 2019.

I volunteer for The Department of Youth, Children & Families in the state of Washington where I live with my husband and 3/5 of our kiddos. We have 2 cats Sedona + Terra. I’m a life long learner and creative soul.