Running a business is a job of wearing many different hats

that can easily lead to burnout.

Have you tried to do it all alone?

Are you tired of trying all the tips, tools and still losing momentum in your business?

Do you feel your business is in alignment not only with your offers but to you as the business owner?

Have you noticed that things are not in alignment with your desires?

Looking to refresh your business and bring back that spark that got you started in the first place?

Have you realized that there are a lot of moving parts and that you can’t give them all the attention that you want or need to?

Are you looking at the long game plan for your business or just the short term?
Are you ready to change the way you show up for your business?

AM Virtual Services is not your average virtual assistant. 

We are here to help YOU, your BUSINESS and your DREAMS flow with ease and alignment. 

Providing unique 1:1 support to achieve your goals with a clear, organized, actionable road map. Taking the mundane tasks that drain your energy off your plate. 

To give you back your time, freedom, and energy to focus on the things that bring you joy. 

Letting you get back to activities in your business that build relationships, brings in revenue, and giving you peace of mind knowing your business is supported. 

We co-create customized action plans, organization, and accountability support. 

Working 1 on 1 to keep your business in alignment even when vision shifts. Finding the potential improvements and solutions that arise with the evolution of your business. 

Taking the headache out of trying to manage your business while keeping you in the driver's seat

We are not here to run your business for you, what we do is keep you inspired to keep going even on those hard days. 

Through creativity and motivation, we make sure that you stay on track towards your goals and visions.

We work with different types of product businesses or service-based businesses. 

We have worked with a variety of industries like coaches, fitness companies, essential oils, photography, spiritual businesses, and more.

Why not grow your business with a team who is passionate about your success?

We offer a variety of services based on where you are in your business

Our work is customized to your business vision, industry, and goals.

Currently Accepting


I offer services that start at $650 (USD)/Mo. My services are:
Great for the business owner who is looking to organize, automate or gradually grow at a pace that doesn’t cause overwhelm.
Great package for the business owner who is ready to up-level or revamp your business and wants to get a solid foundation in place for growth.
Ideal for the busy business owner who wants to create the content behind their business and have a strong support team to execute their vision.